Shared Harvest CT — COMING IN MARCH!


Shared Harvest CT is a website that focuses on locally produced foods in a buy/sell/trade/barter/donate platform!  Shared Harvest CT will allow consumers find locally produced food in another (NON-farm market) venue, provide producers with a separate sales venue, and allow for the donation of food to those in need.

Shared Harvest CT works like a classified ad section and is available for free to all producers, farmers, and consumers.  Shared Harvest CT is a state-wide food distribution system allowing farmers, producers, and consumers to connect directly over the internet – in ONE interactive space and platform.  Many of our farmers/producers have great websites, are dutifully registered on the CT Farm Map, are active members of Buy CT Grown which means that there are many “yellow book” directory listings for consumers to find information about our farmers/producers!

Shared Harvest CT is NOT another “yellow book” directory listing!  Shared Harvest CT is one GIGANTIC & INTERACTIVE STORE  – similar to WalMart – where a consumer who can’t make it down to the farmer’s market can still find and buy locally produced foods.

Shared Harvest CT  is an online farmer’s market and food-bank rolled into one.  Food that might potentially go to waste can also be listed for donation to participating charities and food banks.

Shared Harvest CT is for:

  • Chefs
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Farmers
  • Producers

Shared Harvest CT is also a Local Food & Agricultural MARKETING MECCA.  Target your advertising dollars DIRECTLY to thousands of Connecticut consumers EVERY DAY.